Commissions! Thanks for asking me for years to open commissions! I finally came around to getting some practice down on my less popular blogs and I think I have more confidence to post it on my more public blog. thanks to my pal kynodontas for helping me with the pricing. I’m still pretty new to this! 


  1. Sketches:Sketches will be $5 regardless if its a bust or full body. Per extra character is +$5
  2. B/W drawing: A drawing with 1-2 characters will be $10. Per extra character is +$5
  3. Greyscale:1-2 characters can be $15-$20. Rough, being more contrasting in color $15, and Clean having more attention to detail being $20. Per extra character is +$5
  4. Colored Portrait:This goes for bust and waist up $25. $10 per extra person. 
  5. Full Body with color: $35. $10 per extra character. 

Commission Rules:

  1. No NSFW commissions. (blood and violence within reason are totes acceptable)
  2. No hateful or oppressive requests.
  3. I will not do backgrounds for colored art. 
  4. I will draw OCs!! If you do want me to draw your OC, please send me a reference. Be very specific! 
  5. Only currency I’m accepting is USD.
  6. Paypal only.
  7. Please don’t send me money until I inform you that I have accepted your commission.

Contact Information

email me at

you can view the status of slots here

I will answer commission related questions through the provided email and not my blogs and or fanmail. :OOO